Wednesday, June 8, 2016

< Do not let this agent Scam you

Lets start by saying you do not have to be treated the way these new so called  agents in Las Vegas are treating people . 

And if  Greater Las Vegas Of Realtors GLVAR  or the Real Estate division will not put them in their place and knock them into realty, well then its time to start pointing out the bad realtors and the company's they are representing . 

I will save you at the end of this article though be patient. 

Selling or buying a home is stressful enough and that is one reason why you think about hiring an agent.

Here we go 

The shame list:

Eric Auger of Berkshire Hathaway Home Services NV 

He should stick to his Cosmopolitan Connections mix & mingle events, so that he can enjoy his true passion telling lies to people and drinking and getting stupid drunk.

When he takes a listing he makes all kinds of promises, and if you call him because he is not returning your calls beware of his fowl mouth. Calling his clients disgusting curse names is not my idea of a real man let alone a Real estate professional. I could go on but why you are smart you get the idea. FIRED!


Tico Pringle Real Estate Development/Investor Consultant of Keller Williams
(WOW look at that title are you impressed? DO NOT BE! ) Buyer/Seller Beware!
If you are even thinking about selling your home do not let him through your door, I mention to a friend I needed an agent with professionalism, unfortunately they suggested Tico and that is the only reason I gave him a chance. I should have known there was going to be a problem when I started getting personal mail at my home addressed to Tico Pringle.
He under listed my house and took the credit like he was a magic man because we had a buyer in two days. He is condescending and smug then talks in circles to try to seem smart. He thinks but talking down to you it makes him sound smarter, you know the type.
He was supposed to sell my home along with finding us a new home to move into. Thanks to Franco Manueli I was pre-approved by Sierra Pacific Mortgage for my new home, so I put in offers on homes that would fit our needs.
Tico wanted me to over bid on every home we liked. I lost about four bids on different homes where I put an offer at list price??? He said we were not getting the home we wanted, because I did not over bid, WRONG! I found out it was because he was not submitting them properly or at all in some cases. Plus Tico was moving to Utah in the middle of all of this and did not tell me and left me out to hang.

I was in a panic so I find another house to put an offer on because we have to move out of the home we were currently living in.. Since our home has an offer Tico said if I did not sell he would sue me. Nice! Tico suggested putting all our stuff into storage because our house was sold. Great advice thanks pal.
I put the offer in nice and early on yet another home early in the day. No answers from Tico, he once again blamed it on the other realtor, HA,, seeing a pattern. I found out the home we liked and put an offer on was going to have an open house the next day after  we made an offer, what the heck right?
So Rozelle and I along with Mom and Bob go check out his house to see what’s up.
REMEMBER I told you to be patient well here it comes...... We walk through the door and we are greeted with a giant smile of Elisa Dease and the aroma of her personal recipe for Popcorn mmmmmmm.
When I asked Elisa Dease if she received an offer on the house yet she said no.
Oh boy!  Tico Pringle you piece of work! We FIRED  Tico as my buyer’s agent , but we were  stuck in the sale of my home with Tico being the selling agent.
Thanks to Ticos broker admitting this is not the first problem he has had with Tico Pringle, the broker of Keller Williams released us as their buyers legally. Perfect now we can move on with a real agent.

Here I will provide two people that will turn your real estate nightmare into the dream it is suppose to be.

Elisa Dease of Knapp Realty 
(702) 557-4348 is known as the singing realtor. However Rozelle and I both agree she is our angel of realty. 

She took a horrible experience and so much anxiety and turned everything into a dream come true. To say she went above and beyond is an understatement. Elisa did not only act as a true professional should, she acted like a long lost sister I never had. Treating us like family not just a client or paycheck, finding us everything we needed to make our new house a home.

We were having so many problems with other realtors I could not sleep, we were about to be homeless if the deal did not go through. Elisa would not let that happen to us she worked night and day with everyone she had to. 

Thank you God for miracles,  bringing Elisa Dease into our lives. After the real estate transaction was over she did not disappear, since our first meeting Elisa we have actually had the chance to hear and see her sing. Wow what a voice and stage presence I can now see why she was chosen to be a singer for the late and great Prince. I am linking her picture so you can click on it, you will be pleasantly surprised  Here is a five star realtor you need for buying or selling! 
Thank you Elisa Dease !

Franco Manueli  of Sierra Pacific Mortgage 
(702) 420-2259
NMLS #332420

If you need a mortgage this is the only person period. 

I have personally known Franco for over ten years. 
He is not only a true friend ,which is hard to find here in Vegas, Franco is also the most professional mortgage person filled with knowledge beyond his years. 

And here is a huge word I do not throw around very often 
T R U S T , I trust Franco 110%. He will find a mortgage that suits your needs. He will get everything done in the blink of an eye and with today's market moving as fast as it is you need his strength to help make moving into your new home a dream. If you think you can only rent but really want a home, you need to call Franco today to find out about all of the programs he has available. Thank you Franco Manueli for always being there for the family and I.

Do not take crap from any agent there are laws in place, you can fire them.

As I said in the beginning of this blog turn any real estate nightmare into the dream it is supposed to be simply by calling  these two Platinum people:

Realtor:  Elisa Dease (702) 557-4348      

Mortgage:  Franco Manueli (702) 420-2259 

You can also find them both on my Facebook  page