Thursday, March 13, 2014

Best Show person in Las Vegas for over 25 years ! Guess who ?

If you would like to see one of the best shows in Las Vegas, then go see the show I have seen so many times I can not count. 

No matter who comes to visit me I have to take them to see this show. All though I have seen it a countless amount, it changes all the time and always makes me smile and laugh!

When I see my family and friends faces light up in pure delight, I am so satisfied that I brought them to be totally entertained.

Yes you Guessed it Frank Marinos Divas, I am voting this a must see show in Las Vegas. 
I am also giving this show on a scale of 1-10, a score off the charts beyond 10! 

If you can only see one show while you are in Las Vegas then you have to see this one. 

The value of the show and the entertainment is awesome, you will truly get your moneys worth.

Every imersonator in this show will reinforce that you are at the right show! 
Having so many great acts packed into one show you and your friends will get more then you prepared yourself for,, be ready have fun.

 So much talent in this show Frank Marinos Divas should be charging more money because you are getting to see so many stars up close all at one show! 

Stars that grace the Divas stage at the Quad Las Vegas include the pure talent of Tina Turner(Larry Edwards) ,Cher (Steven Wayne) you are also going to see so many mega stars like Dolly Parton and the sexy
Britney Spears(Derrick Barry) ladies watch your mans eyes wonder.

Why pay all that money to see each show individually, when Frank Marinos Divas has them all under one roof ,,Celine Dion ,, Bette Midler,, Lady Gaga the list goes on! 

You also never know what stars will be in the audience to see themselves impersonated.

I smile and laugh so hard every time it hurts,, never a dull or slow moment. 

On top of it being a great show Frank Marino gives back proceeds to 
Make a Wish Foundation.

Sincerely the Best in Las Vegas for over 25 years Frank Marino!

Frank Marinos Divas

The Quad
3535 Las Vegas Blvd S, 
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
702 731 3311

I am giving my first bad review to a show in Vegas Sorry but I have to save you money

A two-time Emmy Award-winner, Louie Anderson is one of the country's most recognized and adored comics.

I have seen his show a few times ,however most recently at the Plaza hotel OMG I am not going to take much of your time with this review.

 This is the first time I am actually giving a show in Vegas a bad review so I will make it short and sour.

Louie Louie you are a funny man and a kind man, you should keep the stage to yourself  instead of  ruining the atmosphere and tarnishing the stage with that circus act that you call a DJ and his untalented back up dancers. Monkeys can keep time better then those dancers. The DJ is a fool and a disgrace!

You have heard the saying if it is not broken do not fix it, well you destroyed your show!! I would not ever go see your show again nor will I recommend anyone seeing  Louie with that opening pre Um  farce. 

The Dj and so called dancers made it unbearable  and worse then going to a 2 year olds kids party.

 Keep your glow sticks and wigs and untrained dancers out of your show Louie.

This show went from a ten down to a zero with the blink of a disco eye.

Louie Anderson is at the Plaza hotel Las Vegas 

Call first  702 386 2110  if DJ and Dancers are still his opening act DONT GO !

Plaza Showroom, Plaza

1 Main Street

Las VegasNV 89125