Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Noah Movie 2014 Review

There are some critics giving this movie a bad review. It is amazing how a bad review from someone you never met can sway you away from something you want to do. Example: my Mother ,Bob and I went for something to eat , then we started talking about Noah the movie Mom and I wanted to see for a long time. But then mom says "oh I heard it got bad reviews" then Bob chimes in and states almost the exact same thing.

So at 10:45pm I decide to go alone.Hey I do not know these critics and they do not know my taste, and I really wanted to see Noah . 

I am so glad I did ! Granted it is not your old school typical Noah movie. I diverts off the regular movie idea of Noah that we grew up with ... People do not like change so they give a bad review. 

I believe if you miss this movie that it would be a shame. 
What a cool new concept sprinkled in with the old.

When you go see this movie go in with an open mind also be ready for fresh ideas. 
I loved this version of Noah! Do not take my word for it go see for yourself, I believe this is a must see movie if you like bible stories and new concepts and action.

Have a great time  God Bless you all !!

Reverend James J Zito III