Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Trust is important ! Do you need it ?

This is my first article about a Garage/Mechanic Shop.

Everyone knows trust is a key element with everything we do in life.

My whole life I was able to work on my own cars from top to bottom thanks to Dad.

However do to back and pain issues, this has taken away a great past of mine.

I had to go out and search for a garage/mechanic I could trust, I am sure you have been there. Our cars and trucks are the lifeline to work and everything we do.We call around we look at social media and ask people who can I trust not to create problems that aren't there on our vehicle just  for the mechanic to make a extra money. Who will care that I do not have a lot of cash on hand to fix an unexpected problem?Maybe you get down on your knees and pray ? 

Well I called people, drove around and passed so many garages in this town and I also prayed.The Van I just got was almost too good to be true but the Van needed help.I thought it was bad gas from sitting around for awhile. I went to auto zone to get a gas treatment  but changed my mind and walked right next door to AA Auto on Ann Road and Decatur . I was greeted by the manager Mark who spoke to me in a non sales person voice, instead he spoke more like a friend I knew for ever. I went over a few things with the Van with him and explained I even passed another AA auto on the way and I never realized how many garages were in such a short distance. 

After speaking with Mark for a bit I never felt rushed or pushed into leaving my Van there I just felt I could trust him. You know sometimes we get that gut feeling? Well I left the Van with Mark and he informed me some of the issues.The issues were above and beyond what I expected,what Mark said next was if "I work on it and it is not what I said you do not have to pay". He was that confident he would be able to make my Van run right.

After he looked deeper and analysed the Van it definitely had more than what Mark thought at originally. Mark not only fixed what he said he thought was wrong,but went above and beyond to make sure my Van was like a new engine. I was so taken back and overwhelm with his kindness , Mark could have charged me an arm and a leg ,since Mark took time to really listen to what I am going thru in life he knew my situation and only charged me for what his first quote was. 

Honestly Mark could have adding on another five hundred dollars or more , but my prayers where answered!

I now have my Van back running like a champ.I waited a week before I wrote this story because I thought no way could this be possible,yet after a week everything is still great! 

I can truly say "I know a guy I can trust to work on your vehicle"  as we all know this is not an easy statement to make, but I have been blessed to find someone here in Vegas! 

Thank you Mark !

Thank you God !

Go to this Location ask for Mark.

AA Auto Care Store 100
4665 W Ann Rd
North Las Vegas, NV 89031