Friday, May 23, 2014

Mike Hammer Comedy Magic Show Las Vegas 'A Must See! Says Jimmy Z"

I  had been a bit hesitant to see shows downtown; in fact after living here since 1989, I have just started seeing  and reviewing the downtown entertainment. Yes I have seen the sky show and street performers, but never wanted to see anything down there thinking it would be cheap and poorly done.
You hear about Las Vegas revamping that area, and a lot of the hotels are remodeling with an inside and out face lift. 

The Four Queens picked the right man to magically help erase the bad stigma; I had the pleasure of seeing The Mike Hammer Comedy Magic Show.

If you like Comedy and Magic you are in luck this entertainer gets the crowd involved  and brings a smile to everyone’s face  at a fast pace. I personally could not stop laughing he is so quick witted my jaw hurt from smiling so much.

Mike Hammer does not need huge elaborate magical props, for his illusions, he is better then what Chris Angel was before Chris sold out. Mike keeps it real and in your face, and you can see his show one hundred times and the script would never be the same, it’s so great I want to see it again and again and you will also. His quick wit and energy reminded me of Howie Mandel stand up mixed with a flavor of Robin Williams.

Mike Hammer is performing his comedy magic show five nights a week in Las Vegas at the Canyon Club inside the Four Queens Hotel and Casino.
Mike Hammer has been seen on A&E TV on Bad Ink  and Barry'd Treasure starring Barry Weiss, this past April 2014.

“He's a master at making quick-witted comebacks and improvising with the audience.”

The tickets for this show I thought should be at least one hundred dollars however some of the tickets start as low as twenty three dollars. Wow that is an incredible deal especially for a show of this caliber.

If I were you I would get your tickets today before someone realizes they are not charging enough to see Mike Hammer.

Mike also has a free meet and greet after the show, and he is very personable and humble. This is a guy you would want to be your friend and hang out with when you were in school and now.

Go see this show!

Your friend Jimmy Z recommends this =)

God Bless!