Tuesday, August 12, 2014

ELVIS WEEK $2000.00 Cash Contest This Sunday Can You Sing ?

Total Cash to Be given away $2000.00
Sunday August 17, 2014   2:00pm

Cost: Free Admission

Hosted by:
DJ  Jimmy Z

Sign-up’s starting at 12:30pm

Warm-up from 1:00pm – 2:00pm

Contest from 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Cash Prizes:
1st Place - $1,000
2nd Place - $500
3rd Place - $250
4th Place - $150
5th Place - $100

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Red Carpet Event You're Invited from Jimmy Z - GRAND OPENING of The Magic Palace! July 7th 2014

You're Invited to the  



The Magic Palace !  

A Performers Lounge Nightclub where magicians and performers from the industry can showcase

 their amazing talents and acts! 

The venue is 21,000sq. ft. with our main stage for seating of 500+, 
our parlor venue "The Gem" has seating for 50+ and close up magic stations all around the 

palace. 4 bars and patio balcony overlooking the Las Vegas Strip!

 Go-Go Dancers and huge drink 


 VIP bottle service available in our 40 newly renovated VIP booths. 

If you are a magician, performer or in the Las Vegas performance industry this is where the party starts! 

After the red carpet and shows, the palace turns into the largest industry nightclub on the Las Vegas Strip!

Featuring Celebrity DJ Jimmy Z

When? Monday, July 7th.

 What Time? Red Carpet opens at 9:30pm -
 Shows will start promptly at 10:00pm.

Where? 3765 Las Vegas Blvd S. 89109 at the Tommy Wind Theater.

Cost? Free for the Grand Opening Event.

Who's Invited? The Magic Palace is open to the general public! Everyone is invited!

Dress code? Business Casual.

Age? 21+.

What Magic Palace has to offer:

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Parlour Inside of the EL CORTEZ HOTEL & CASINO

The  Parlour Bar
Inside of the

Las Vegas Downtown does it again with another Great Entertainer .They are truly blessed to have such a great talent in THE PARLOUR inside of El Cortez Hotel and Casino .You may have seen this guy on television, in commercials or walking the Red-carpet as one of the many Characters he portrays, like Abraham Lincoln or as The Most Interesting Man, maybe you saw him as Johnny Cash?
 Let me tell you have not seen anything until you see him perform in the showroom at the El Cortez . I am talking about the one and only Peter Pavone entertainer extraordinaire.

The room is comfortable with a flavor of old time classy Vegas, there is also gaming at the bar top. With comfortable seating trough out the whole room there is not one bad seat in the house. Plus the sound is dialed in by just right by Peter. What I mean by this is you can actually enjoy every song he sings at a comfortable level. If you want to empress a lady friend, this is the place to bring her. The show Peter puts on is worth a million bucks, be careful though this guy’s voice an looks might sweep her off her feet. The good thing is he is a highly respectable man, one of the last old school people in Vegas, so you’re safe he would never disrespect anyone.
Peter has that old school charm and charisma and it comes through his vocals as well. He sings such a great variety of songs you will be snapping your fingers and singing along. Everything from Frank Sinatra, Dire Straits, to Johnny Cash and more. In between songs you never know who he will be impersonating. Peter Pavone is true talent that you could comfortable see over and over again. Oh and did I mention no cover charge,,, so go see him now before they start charging the million I think he is worth..

Thank you Peter Pavone for a truly entertaining evening with style and class. My only rant is Peter does not have more venues here in town, with so much talent he should have a show that is at least five nights a week so everyone could have a chance to be truly entertained.
“I highly recommend seeing him! Finally a great venue for a date night or meet and greet.”

Wednesdays 8pm- 12am
Thursdays 6pm-10pm


Friday, June 20, 2014

2005 Nissan Maxima Give a way

Please contact the news tell your friends .Pass this along ASAP
Since there has been a delay in surgery , that means a delay on the road to recovery. 
Speaking of being on the road, here is the latest incentive to donate to this fund. Not only will you be helping a situation that needs imitate attention you have the chance to get this 2005  Nissan Maxima. James does not just want to take donations without some how showing his appreciation, this is his personal car. Very clean never smoked in garage kept.
If the goal is met by  Midnight July 16 2014 the highest donator will receive the title in hand and drive off with this beautiful car. When the goal is met you will be able to see who the winner is because all donations are recorded and posted on this site.
If you have donated before this does include your past donations. 
Thank you 
Click Link or  one of the pictures to be directed to the give a way 
If you live out of state you would have to make arrangements to pick up vehicle


Friday, May 23, 2014

Mike Hammer Comedy Magic Show Las Vegas 'A Must See! Says Jimmy Z"

I  had been a bit hesitant to see shows downtown; in fact after living here since 1989, I have just started seeing  and reviewing the downtown entertainment. Yes I have seen the sky show and street performers, but never wanted to see anything down there thinking it would be cheap and poorly done.
You hear about Las Vegas revamping that area, and a lot of the hotels are remodeling with an inside and out face lift. 

The Four Queens picked the right man to magically help erase the bad stigma; I had the pleasure of seeing The Mike Hammer Comedy Magic Show.

If you like Comedy and Magic you are in luck this entertainer gets the crowd involved  and brings a smile to everyone’s face  at a fast pace. I personally could not stop laughing he is so quick witted my jaw hurt from smiling so much.

Mike Hammer does not need huge elaborate magical props, for his illusions, he is better then what Chris Angel was before Chris sold out. Mike keeps it real and in your face, and you can see his show one hundred times and the script would never be the same, it’s so great I want to see it again and again and you will also. His quick wit and energy reminded me of Howie Mandel stand up mixed with a flavor of Robin Williams.

Mike Hammer is performing his comedy magic show five nights a week in Las Vegas at the Canyon Club inside the Four Queens Hotel and Casino.
Mike Hammer has been seen on A&E TV on Bad Ink  and Barry'd Treasure starring Barry Weiss, this past April 2014.

“He's a master at making quick-witted comebacks and improvising with the audience.”

The tickets for this show I thought should be at least one hundred dollars however some of the tickets start as low as twenty three dollars. Wow that is an incredible deal especially for a show of this caliber.

If I were you I would get your tickets today before someone realizes they are not charging enough to see Mike Hammer.

Mike also has a free meet and greet after the show, and he is very personable and humble. This is a guy you would want to be your friend and hang out with when you were in school and now.

Go see this show!

Your friend Jimmy Z recommends this =)

God Bless!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Noah Movie 2014 Review

There are some critics giving this movie a bad review. It is amazing how a bad review from someone you never met can sway you away from something you want to do. Example: my Mother ,Bob and I went for something to eat , then we started talking about Noah the movie Mom and I wanted to see for a long time. But then mom says "oh I heard it got bad reviews" then Bob chimes in and states almost the exact same thing.

So at 10:45pm I decide to go alone.Hey I do not know these critics and they do not know my taste, and I really wanted to see Noah . 

I am so glad I did ! Granted it is not your old school typical Noah movie. I diverts off the regular movie idea of Noah that we grew up with ... People do not like change so they give a bad review. 

I believe if you miss this movie that it would be a shame. 
What a cool new concept sprinkled in with the old.

When you go see this movie go in with an open mind also be ready for fresh ideas. 
I loved this version of Noah! Do not take my word for it go see for yourself, I believe this is a must see movie if you like bible stories and new concepts and action.

Have a great time  God Bless you all !!

Reverend James J Zito III

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Best Show person in Las Vegas for over 25 years ! Guess who ?

If you would like to see one of the best shows in Las Vegas, then go see the show I have seen so many times I can not count. 

No matter who comes to visit me I have to take them to see this show. All though I have seen it a countless amount, it changes all the time and always makes me smile and laugh!

When I see my family and friends faces light up in pure delight, I am so satisfied that I brought them to be totally entertained.

Yes you Guessed it Frank Marinos Divas, I am voting this a must see show in Las Vegas. 
I am also giving this show on a scale of 1-10, a score off the charts beyond 10! 

If you can only see one show while you are in Las Vegas then you have to see this one. 

The value of the show and the entertainment is awesome, you will truly get your moneys worth.

Every imersonator in this show will reinforce that you are at the right show! 
Having so many great acts packed into one show you and your friends will get more then you prepared yourself for,, be ready have fun.

 So much talent in this show Frank Marinos Divas should be charging more money because you are getting to see so many stars up close all at one show! 

Stars that grace the Divas stage at the Quad Las Vegas include the pure talent of Tina Turner(Larry Edwards) ,Cher (Steven Wayne) you are also going to see so many mega stars like Dolly Parton and the sexy
Britney Spears(Derrick Barry) ladies watch your mans eyes wonder.

Why pay all that money to see each show individually, when Frank Marinos Divas has them all under one roof ,,Celine Dion ,, Bette Midler,, Lady Gaga the list goes on! 

You also never know what stars will be in the audience to see themselves impersonated.

I smile and laugh so hard every time it hurts,, never a dull or slow moment. 

On top of it being a great show Frank Marino gives back proceeds to 
Make a Wish Foundation.

Sincerely the Best in Las Vegas for over 25 years Frank Marino!

Frank Marinos Divas

The Quad
3535 Las Vegas Blvd S, 
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
702 731 3311

I am giving my first bad review to a show in Vegas Sorry but I have to save you money

A two-time Emmy Award-winner, Louie Anderson is one of the country's most recognized and adored comics.

I have seen his show a few times ,however most recently at the Plaza hotel OMG I am not going to take much of your time with this review.

 This is the first time I am actually giving a show in Vegas a bad review so I will make it short and sour.

Louie Louie you are a funny man and a kind man, you should keep the stage to yourself  instead of  ruining the atmosphere and tarnishing the stage with that circus act that you call a DJ and his untalented back up dancers. Monkeys can keep time better then those dancers. The DJ is a fool and a disgrace!

You have heard the saying if it is not broken do not fix it, well you destroyed your show!! I would not ever go see your show again nor will I recommend anyone seeing  Louie with that opening pre Um  farce. 

The Dj and so called dancers made it unbearable  and worse then going to a 2 year olds kids party.

 Keep your glow sticks and wigs and untrained dancers out of your show Louie.

This show went from a ten down to a zero with the blink of a disco eye.

Louie Anderson is at the Plaza hotel Las Vegas 

Call first  702 386 2110  if DJ and Dancers are still his opening act DONT GO !

Plaza Showroom, Plaza

1 Main Street

Las VegasNV 89125

Saturday, February 8, 2014

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Little orphan Annie Found in Vegas

Little orphan Annie Found in Vegas

Thursday, January 2, 2014

VEGAS FIRE WORKS Happy New Year 2014 your going to want to read and see this video !

Happy New Year’s 2014

My review of a club I thought I would never go to and think most married couples plus women have the wrong impression of this absolutely beautifully design architectural master piece.

Friends and family listen up I had the pleasure of working as a DJ on the roof top of this building, you will not believe your eyes when you see how gorgeous and tasteful it is.  

Kelly Jones who I met in the beginning of the evening introduce himself very humble to me not giving me a clue he was the General manager. He is a very pleasant inelegant person to speak with. I mention he did not tell me who he was because in Las Vegas there are so many fakes and rude wanna be big shots, and Kelly Jones is so far from a wanna be he is a somebody and he keeps a humble low key pleasurable attitude, rare find in Las Vegas these days. When he speaks to you he makes you feel like you have known him for years.

The door man Frankie what an awesome guy very polite I have had the pleasure of knowing him for many years .Then I bump into one of the the security personal  Skee and he is and old school guy who has been in town when Vegas was Vegas and I have known him over 9 years. Both of these guys along with the rest of the staff will go out of their way to make sure you are treated like Vegas was in the old days  much respect !
Billy their in house DJ was really nice to me also and normally when you go into another DJ residence they are not so nice, he also went the extra mile to make me feel at home.

Most people do not realize that this is not just a topless club. Let me say it is one of the best designed clubs I have ever seen along with being classy!
If you decide you would like to have a private party anywhere,
 I suggest this as a number one choice!

You can have any kind of party you would like there any season, Hustler roof parties have units to control the climate up there! 

Here is an important fact I did not know about, and future brides or corporate event coordinators can have their party up stairs without ever stepping foot in the topless part of the venue.

There is a private elevator that takes you right to the roof.

If I was going to have a party this is where it would be the view cannot be beat. 
Go preview it for yourself, add it to your list of venues to see if you’re going to have a party ! 

As you know I am schedule for like four more surgeries, I am not supposed to lift anything above five pounds and I just did not want to back out of this opportunity. Plus when Dad was alive he would never call in sick and that's how I was brought up. And I am glad I did not cancel, 
I didn't have to lift a finger the took care of me like I was royalty.

Huslter made everything easy for me to DJ in between the sets of the band called the Crashers.
This band can play anything and they sound awesome what a great group of guys also !
I am definitely going to find out how to see them more often.

Click on the picture for the video video celebration  of NEW YEARS EVE 2014
To cap it off, as I was speaking to Kelly Jones he was shooting an idea out there of making the roof a new afterhour’s club. Wow not only would I be honored to be a DJ there, however even if was not, this is a place I would go and bring me friends and family the atmosphere and views and staff are awesome. Kelly I say go for it people would flock to your place!

Thank you for the honor of letting me DJ there for New Year’s Eve 2014 God bless!

(702) 795-3131


4pm-9am Daily