Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Parlour Inside of the EL CORTEZ HOTEL & CASINO

The  Parlour Bar
Inside of the

Las Vegas Downtown does it again with another Great Entertainer .They are truly blessed to have such a great talent in THE PARLOUR inside of El Cortez Hotel and Casino .You may have seen this guy on television, in commercials or walking the Red-carpet as one of the many Characters he portrays, like Abraham Lincoln or as The Most Interesting Man, maybe you saw him as Johnny Cash?
 Let me tell you have not seen anything until you see him perform in the showroom at the El Cortez . I am talking about the one and only Peter Pavone entertainer extraordinaire.

The room is comfortable with a flavor of old time classy Vegas, there is also gaming at the bar top. With comfortable seating trough out the whole room there is not one bad seat in the house. Plus the sound is dialed in by just right by Peter. What I mean by this is you can actually enjoy every song he sings at a comfortable level. If you want to empress a lady friend, this is the place to bring her. The show Peter puts on is worth a million bucks, be careful though this guy’s voice an looks might sweep her off her feet. The good thing is he is a highly respectable man, one of the last old school people in Vegas, so you’re safe he would never disrespect anyone.
Peter has that old school charm and charisma and it comes through his vocals as well. He sings such a great variety of songs you will be snapping your fingers and singing along. Everything from Frank Sinatra, Dire Straits, to Johnny Cash and more. In between songs you never know who he will be impersonating. Peter Pavone is true talent that you could comfortable see over and over again. Oh and did I mention no cover charge,,, so go see him now before they start charging the million I think he is worth..

Thank you Peter Pavone for a truly entertaining evening with style and class. My only rant is Peter does not have more venues here in town, with so much talent he should have a show that is at least five nights a week so everyone could have a chance to be truly entertained.
“I highly recommend seeing him! Finally a great venue for a date night or meet and greet.”

Wednesdays 8pm- 12am
Thursdays 6pm-10pm


Friday, June 20, 2014

2005 Nissan Maxima Give a way

Please contact the news tell your friends .Pass this along ASAP
Since there has been a delay in surgery , that means a delay on the road to recovery. 
Speaking of being on the road, here is the latest incentive to donate to this fund. Not only will you be helping a situation that needs imitate attention you have the chance to get this 2005  Nissan Maxima. James does not just want to take donations without some how showing his appreciation, this is his personal car. Very clean never smoked in garage kept.
If the goal is met by  Midnight July 16 2014 the highest donator will receive the title in hand and drive off with this beautiful car. When the goal is met you will be able to see who the winner is because all donations are recorded and posted on this site.
If you have donated before this does include your past donations. 
Thank you 
Click Link or  one of the pictures to be directed to the give a way 
If you live out of state you would have to make arrangements to pick up vehicle